Welcome to Wild Grass

We’re very pleased you’ve found the time to visit us. We founded Wild Grass in 2010, after we decided to create modern, natural drinks and, in this way, to conquer the world. We had to come a long way before we finally learnt the hard lesson of how challenging and ruthless the food market can be. Just a few years ago, our annual sales were barely the figure we now enjoy every single week. But this was only the first milestone. Since 2018, we have expanded our international FMCG trade department dynamically and we have also taken up various environmental education initiatives, such as the Wild Ochota Academy. Every year we support numerous cultural and social events, which are as important to us as our business activities. Today we deliver products to several countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We implement educational projects for the City of Warsaw, and most importantly, we never stop – not even for a moment. None of this would be possible without our team and colleagues, with whom every day we move mountains to get closer to our dreams.

With its headquarters in Warsaw (Poland), Wild Grass has been continuously active since November, 2010. The company’s ownership structure hasn’t changed since its foundation – Wild Grass remains entirely in the hands of its founders: Michał Borecki and Małgorzata Wujek.

Wild Grass’ main operations are in three business areas:

– creating and manufacturing products under its own brands

– the international trade of FMCG products

– environmental science education

Since 2013, Wild Grass has been part of the Sector Promotion Programme for Polish Food Specialities – as well as an active participant in international food fairs.